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I am looking for Day CQ quickstart version but couldn't. May I know http:// Lets you have fine grained control over how the canvas is built. CanvasReferenceProvider · DesignImporterContext. The context that encapsulates the. The ConfigurationManagerFactory provides a way of obtaining a ConfigurationManager instance which is backed by a specific ResourceResolver. Service.

redfishads.coms. Interfaces. ResourceDetails. Classes. AssetDetails. redfishads.coms. Classes. ActivatePageProcess · AfterMovePageProcess · CreateVersionProcess · DeactivatePageProcess. Defines the interface of a CQ WCM Page. PageInfoAggregator. Uses multiple sources to aggregate information pertaining to a given resource (usually a page).

Implements a generic iterator based on an iterator of resources which adapts the element to the respective adapter type. UGCUtil. Collection of utilities revolving. Package redfishads.comds. Provides the WCM API. See: Description. Interface Summary. Interface, Description. WCMCommand. WCMCommand. Package redfishads.comnce. Provides the WCM API. See: Description. Interface Summary. Interface, Description. ReferenceProvider. The MobileUtil provides various utility methods revolving around WCM Mobile. Package Description. Provides a Mobile API. Classes. MobileUtil.

Parses the HTML document stream in the design package and extracts the components, styles, scripts etc. HTML5Schema. Extends the tagsoup HTML schema. This class is used for parsing image map definitions as generated by the CqImageMap component and make them available through an API to CQ components. Package Class Summary. Class, Description. ContentPolicyStyle. A compatibility wrapper using a content policy as a style. Package Defines package version. See: Description. Class Summary. Class, Description. RTEUtils. Rich Text Editor Utilities.


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